Go somewhere difficult to get to and it will make you appreciate being there so much more.

About this blog

I am writing this blog and keeping up this website because I have a terrible memory, and I think it's a cool way of keeping pictures and thoughts and emotions. I would also like to share ideas, advice, and opinions on travel, gear, backpacking, or whatever comes to mind in the moment. Hopefully some random person somewhere finds something I write helpful. I also hope to learn something. I want to keep up this website as long as I have places to go and people to see, and there's always places to go and people to see. I don't know who is keeping up with me on here, except maybe one. Hi Mom! I hope you like it if you are. Please contact me for any reason at all.  I'd like to say hi. 

About Me

This is me somewhere towards the end of the AT. I know it was toward the end because the beard is strong. That is also a hat we found in the middle of the trail. I like to hike, eat, drink, bike, walk, listen, write, and wear cool hats. 

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Facebook: Justin Willette
Instagram: justleedub
Email: justinwillette@gmail.com


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