One month out

In 31 days, Brandon and I will take our first of about 5 million steps headed north from Georgia. I can't decide if that seems like a long time or no time at all. My thoughts and feelings change hourly. Sometimes I know that I am ready to grab my pack and hit the trail, and other times I know that I have so much to do that I need at least 3 more months to prepare. Which ever may be more true, I KNOW that as soon as my boots hit the dirt in a month it really doesn't matter. 

It's always the anticipation that gets you. It's the fear, excitement, anxiety, hope, worry, sadness, and sheer joy in the days leading up to something new that makes you feel crazy. How can someone feel all of this at the same time? It's not like this is a new concept or that every single person hasn't felt this exact same feeling before, but try to tell your tummy that. He's unreasonable. 

No matter how much I do to prepare, when the day comes I will wish I had done more. More hiking, more running, more setting up my tent, more cooking with my camping stove, more research, more pooping in the woods, more logistics planning, more hanging out with friends at home, more visiting family, more saving money. You can't do more than your best though, so I'll just try to do that. When the time comes to take that first step, "The only way to get more ready is to start." A quote from Brandon. 

So I sit and count down the days, as I have been for the last 3 months.