The Simple Life

I'm on a computer right now, and it is super weird. We spent the night in Hot Springs, North Carolina, last night. It's a really cool place. The Appalachian Trail goes down Main Street. There are hikers everywhere you go in town, so needless to say, the whole place smells kinda funky. The locals don't seem to mind though.

Leaving a town is always difficult. When you leave a town your pack is always heavier and it's always uphill. There is hot food made by someone else, showers, bathrooms, beds, beer. All things that I greatly appreciate now more than ever. Maybe that's why I'm procrastinating by writing this blog instead of heading up the mountain 10 miles to my home for the night, beerless.

Once you get over the initial pain of leaving town and accept the fact that you will be without a shower for the next week, a good feeling comes over you. It's like returning home after a weekend getaway. It was a nice little vacation away, but it is nice to come back home.

It is a much more simple life on the trail. A life where your job everyday is to get to the next campsite. A life full of chores; filtering water, cooking dinner, cleaning your cook pot, setting up and taking down your tent, and constantly packing and unpacking everything you have in your pack. It is a life where the bartering system is very much alive and well and spam packets are more precious than cash. A life where you have to come up with your own form of entertainment. The Guess The Names of Family Members game has been a big hit. A life where saying, "It's a long story" is not an excuse. We have nothing but time.

Speaking of time, I suppose I should be on my way. Back to the simple life. Maybe a beer for the road first though.