A.T. Eve

April 6th, 2015, is a day that has been constantly in the back of my mind for many months now. And now here we are, just minutes from that much anticipated day. That giant mess of scattered gear and clothes in the attic has turned into a very tightly packed backpack that weighs in at 32 pounds and will pretty much become a part of me. I've tested and re-tested all my gear, I've packed up all my belongings into boxes, I've said my goodbyes to great friends, and now I'm sitting here, just waiting as I've done for months now. Waiting for the little clock on the bottom right of the screen to read 12:00 AM 4/6/2015. 

That's my date. A date I will always remember, like Christmas or my birthday. And it is kind of like a birthday. It's the first day of a new life chapter. A chapter that I can't wait to start, and I am curious to see how it ends. I was going to write 'can't wait to see how it ends', but then I realized that I can wait. I am going to enjoy every moment as it happens. 

I guess I should be trying to get some sleep before The Day, but sleeping is hard when you have so many thoughts running through your head! Good thoughts though. I should probably be trying to get as comfortable as possible in my big comfy bed since it's the ground for me for the better part of six months, but I just feel like pacing around. And I know that walking around the house is the worst idea because all I'm going to be doing for the next six months is walking, but I do it anyway. 

Even though it's only a few hours, it still doesn't feel like it's real yet. I don't know when it will hit me, but I imagine that when we take a few steps into the trail and turn around to see my dad and our ride no longer there, it will seem pretty freakin' real. I am nervous excited to get started. 1% nervous, 99% excited. Most of my thoughts are all about how amazing this is all going to be, but there is that 1%. It's usually when I'm talking to someone about the trail and it's like some part of my brain hears me for the first time and says, "Wait, I'm doing what?!?" Don't worry about it brain, it'll be fine.

32 more minutes until The Day.