The Goal for my Trip

I think having goals is a good idea. Goals force me to think about what I want and help me figure out how to get it. Goals help me manage my time better. Either I am doing something productive towards achieving a goal, or I am not. And I am totally fine with not doing something productive as long as it is something worthwhile. Biking to the lake on a beautiful day to see good friends and have a couple beers is worthwhile; watching a marathon of "Top Shot" on the history channel is not. Goals feel really good to mark off the list after you accomplish them. 

So I thought about what my goal for my upcoming trip is going to be. I didn't want to be just wandering around Asia and Europe for no particular reason. I wanted to have an idea, plan, path,  .....goal. 

Intersection of the Appalachian Trail and the New York Long Trail

My favorite thing to do is walk and look around. Obviously. So I decided my goal is to see as many of the most beautiful sights throughout Asia and Europe as I can. The more walking the better. I love nature so I'm going to be looking for the most beautiful landscapes, from beaches to mountains. I am also very excited to see the beautiful architecture, beautiful people, and beautiful food the other side of the world has to offer. 

I am going to travel by land as much as I can. This will allow me to see more. Seeing the landscape change slowly over time as I move along is pretty awesome. It really makes me appreciate where I am, where ever that may be, and gives me a sense of how big the world is. 

I want to take my time and not be afraid to take a zero day. I want to live as naturally as possible in these totally strange places. I want to see how the locals spend their day.

I don't expect my goal to change at all during my trip. Unexpected things could happen, and I could get off the trail a little bit, but that's part of the adventure. Nothing should change my overall goal of seeking out the most beautiful views throughout much of the world. I can't wait to cross this one off the list. 

Half Gallon Challenge at Pine Grove Furnace State Park in Pennsylvania. Challenge complete. Goal accomplished