Attention all prospective Sponsors: Red Ace Organic Beet Shots are the Best in the World

Typing this up on my phone my autocorrect changed "beets" to "beers" every single time. But no, we are actually talking about beets! Which I reluctantly must say are better for you no matter how many studies pop up on your Facebook feed telling you that men who drink three beers everyday are 15% less likely to have heart disease. The people doing those studies were obviously drunk and facebooking. Never a good combination.

So I'm really moving up in this blogging world. I've gone from losing $96 per year on this website to losing $96 per year on this website but getting a case of Red Ace Organic Beet Shots. I call that a step in the right direction. 

Red Ace contacted me, more specifically Jennifer - Head of Awesomeness (which is a title I aspire to have one day) at Red Ace contacted me. Somehow they found this blog and thought I would be a good candidate to try out and review some of their beet shots. And they were right because I'm never going to not accept a free case of... well pretty much anything. So I happily agreed.

My only previous experience with beets was in Australia where it is a standard topping on all sandwiches and burgers. I was surprised when I bit into my first sandwich down there. Still surprised when I had my second. If I was surprised by the third one I wouldn't tell you because that would be embarrassing. When I got my case of Red Ace Organic Beet Shots it wasn't hidden in between slices of bread, meat, and cheese so no surprises this time. That was a plus. It was also a minus since there was no meat, bread, or cheese. 

The land of beets. Sydney Harbor - December 2010

Here's what I thought of the beet shots:

There are three varieties available - a performance shot, a turmeric shot, and a greens shot. I had one each day around mid-morning or before a physical activity as suggested. 

Beets have a pretty strong flavor, and it took a few days before getting used it. Once I acquired the taste, I kind of started to enjoy it. 

I found the greens to be the best tasting, then the turmeric, then the performance. I also found that I enjoyed them much better at room temperature, not chilled. They get really viscous if you keep them in the fridge - like leaving Fireball in the freezer. Also not a fan. 

Turmeric is an amazing herb that has been used for centuries if not longer in Southern Asia for its numerous health benefits. It tastes delicious in curries and not too bad in beet juice either. 

I'm generally pretty active (that's what not having a car will do to you), and I eat pretty healthy (produce is cheap). So these beet shots fit into my lifestyle perfectly. They are small, convenient to carry, give you sustained energy throughout the day, and promote an overall healthy feeling about yourself. All really good things. 

At Whole Foods

The only negative is that they are super expensive. Selling around $6 a bottle at my local Whole Foods. I personally wouldn't buy them at this price. I would buy like six apples and eat them all for much cheaper. But if you are spending $6 a day on an afternoon latte, I would recommend Red Ace organic beet shots as a substitute. It will make you feel much better, and you can pretend like you're taking a shot of vodka in the middle of your work day like you used to do when you were working on a project in college. 

The good news is if you want to try out these beet shots you can get 15% off by using the code cantpaintaburninghouse at Red Ace Organics

Lastly, I have to admit I was a little disappointed when my urine did not turn pink.