Life in Austin, Texas, USA

It's been about nine months since I crossed the Atlantic, landed in Boston, was told by the US immigration officer that it was time to find a job, and had my first meal back on American soil at a Wendy's near Fenway Park.

I had been gone for four months. From east to west, from the equator to the North Sea. I was with many people, I was by myself. I walked, I biked, I swam, I kayaked. I slept on beaches, mountains, buses, and concrete floors. I received kindness from strangers, I was scammed. It was more difficult that I thought it would be. My time spent traveling was one of the greatest adventures of my life, but I was ready to get back home and start a new adventure. Adventure never ends, it just changes form. I think Einstein said that. Or maybe he was talking about matter. Or maybe that was someone else. 

Lou Neff Point at dawn

Since returning stateside, I have moved to sunny Austin, Texas, with my beautiful, supportive and always loving girlfriend, without whom I would never have made it as far as I have. We have spent the last nine months going on Westmas road trips, skiing the Minturn Mile, forming a team of AlpacaPackaBeers for a 24 hour adventure race, hiking, biking, kayaking, two stepping, chicken shit winning, Garth Brooks singing, and much more. I am loving Austin and all its weirdness. Can't beat the winter weather. Could beat the summer weather. But definitely can not beat the tacos. Tacos always win.

The Little Longhorn Saloon

Chicken Shit Bingo

I am going to continue to post about various trips and experienes that I have, but some of my time is being taken up with a new project, and I now have a job. That immigration officer would be wicked proud. My new project is a podcast with my brother called "Histories to Toiletries". I guess people don't like to read blogs while driving so maybe this form of media will fare better for them. You can find us on iTunes. So check it out on your next drive. 

The one and only Julia

My other love. Miss Molly

If you are in Austin shoot me an email. Or you can just look for me at a local taco truck. Even if you don't find me, you will have a taco. Tacos always win.