To Taco or Blog?

It's that time of year again. I got a email from Squarespace saying that my website is set to renew in a couple of weeks unless I cancel it. So I sat back and asked myself this question, "Can you really not paint a burning house?" 

That's what I am asking myself here, too

I have updated this blog on an irregular basis for the last three years. Why should I stop after persevering with this sort of consistency which my readers demand? My readers - who have numbered from the multiple dozens to my mom. 

Texas has some nice skies

I really did think about writing one last blog and riding off into the sunset with the ten thousand other blogs that have dozens of readers. I could have taken that $103.92, bought two pitchers of beer and 25 tacos (I did the math) at Radio, and called it one good night.  

A classic Austin early summer day

But even though I haven't achieved my dream of traveling around the world, seeing new things, eating weird things, getting lost, walking a lot, and getting paid to write about all of it at my convenience, this blog has had its perks (that free case of beet juice). Besides that, I enjoy writing. It's like talking, but you can erase what you said and say it over again in a more clever way before anybody else actually sees it. I rewrote that last sentence three times. I mean thrice. No, three times was better.

Also, it's pretty cool when random people get in contact with me when they somehow come across this blog. Most recently Jenn from who contacted me just a week ago over our mutual love for homemade windscreens. Ah, windscreens.

Plus, I have a lot of things going for me right now at the happy age of 30. I am engaged to a beautiful woman whom I love. I have a fun job that sometimes pays me to go camping. I am a professional photographer having sold $5.86 worth of photo downloads on my Shutterstock profile. I am planning a short 300-ish mile bicycle tour through the Texas hill country this spring. So there might be some fun things to write about. 

So in summary: No, you still can't paint a burning house, and I intend to prove that over the next year on a consistently irregular basis.

Also, you can taco and blog. In moderation of course.