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AT Blogs

Appalachian Trials     -      The Bus Question     -     Pox and Puss (podcast)    -     Trail Kit   


Travel Resources

Travel Fish  -  Southeast Asia Independent Travel Guide
Pinoy Mountaineer - Guide to hiking the Philippines 
Skyscanner  -  Best flight search engine
FlixBus  -  Great way to travel around Europe
Nomadic Matt - Learn to travel on a budget
Go Euro - Pretty good site that searches trains, buses, and flights to find a cheap way to travel Europe


Life/Adventure/Photo Blogs

Expert Vagabond     -     The Atlantic    -     Mark Manson     -     MrandMrsAdventure     -     The Other Fork in the Road     -    Radiolab (podcast)     -     NOMADasaurus     -     Adventurous Kate     



Appalachian Trials  -  Best way to mentally prepare for the rigors of the trail.
AWOL on the Appalachian Trail  -  Very detailed account of everyday life on the trail and what to expect.   
How to Hike the A.T.  -  Great practical advice about everything from what to bring to how to hitch hike better
A Walk in the Woods  -  Hilarious account of a couple of guys just doing their best on the trail

Backpacking Resources

The Clymb  -  Great online discount gear.
Steep and Cheap  -  Great online discount gear.
Hiker Box  -  New website created by former thru hiker for ordering your resupply online and mailing it to the trail!
Detailed resupply plan from Baltimore Jack  -  Very detailed plan. Plans constantly change, but it gives you an idea.
Where to send mail drops  -  Best places to send maildrops according to 2013 thru hikers.
SuperCat Stove  -  Instructions on how to make a super light and effective alcohol stove.
Cooking with the SuperCat Stove  -  How to cook with said stove.
Will Wood's YouTube  -  Former thru hiker with tons of great videos about gear and life on the A.T.